Pre-Foreclosure & Short Sale Assistance

Unable to meet your mortgage payments?

Want to move but the current value of your property is less than the amount owed to your lender?

A “SHORT SALE” could be your best option to put your life back in order and move on to a better future

Some benefits of a Short Sale:

  • Seller gets to live in the property during the course of the short sale process
  • Plenty of time to make your moving and relocation plans
  • Avoid the stigma and explanation of a "foreclosure" showing up on you credit
  • May enable you to avoid bankruptcy if there are no other major debts other than the real estate
  • Possible forgiveness of all real estate related debts (Attorney will assist)
  • No selling costs-lender usually pays all fees

Call our Short Sale Specialist for a FREE consultation regarding your personal situation and needs